Anansi and the Ants
The ants trust the crafty half-spider, half-man Anansi to their cost in this traditional story.

Greedy Bird
Greedy Bird tries to outwit the other birds but his greed ends in disaster in this moral tale.

Solemn and his Dog
A beautiful story which goes with traditional songs which children can join in singing.

Wolaba Danpha King of the Forest
A traditional Mandinga childrens story from an African time long before 'once upon a time...'

Singing Workshop
Seikou teaches children to sing traditional Griot songs accompanied by Kora. Plenty of comic action!
Storytelling and Music
for children 

Seikou Susso storytelling in a school in West Yorkshire, UK
Fee per day 250 plus travel expenses. Schools can apply for support from LEEDS ARTISTS 'Artists in Schools' scheme